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Kyouhei x Ruri!!
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Instant Fave IFortuneShipping ♥ Louka & Aurore ♥ LADL ♥ コウヒカ (KouHika)

:star: I deeply love FortuneShipping !!! Why ? Because I love Louka (don't like his english name) and the evidences are very adorable and blindingly obvious ! :squee:
At the beginning I saw them more like siblings because of the slight physical resemblance but I regally don't care, all characters in Pokémon look like the others. :la: :star:

Stamp: FortuneShipping by Pure-ResonancePokemon: Fortuneshipping by Vulpixi-StampsFortuneShipping Stamp by S-Laughtur.:Fortune Stamp:. by Miss--Liberty

:star: Other shippings I like :
First you have to know that I only support the TRUE shippings, rare are the shippings I like just because "they're cute together", that's not interesting for me. :|
I support Pokeshipping by KamisStamps
♡ PokéShipping :: The most evident of the anime, but I'm not a big fan since I HATE Ash from the deep bottom of my heart. How Misty can like such a dummy ? I think OrangeShipping would have been better and Ash single forever. (or forever alone :XD:)
Contestshipping Stamp 1 by GoddessCureMystic
♡ ContestShipping :: The second most evident, this is the most beautiful couple of the anime *o* summerized by blushes and roses. Drew and May forever !
Ikarishipping Stamp by Maiichu
♡ IkariShipping :: It's difficult to pair Dawn with somebody since she blushes to lot of people (except Ash), even to Piplup and sometimes to nothing. ._. However I quoted some evidence she likes or starts to like Paul (for example she blushes 3 times for him haha) and I've seen that Paul reacts different with Dawn and stated while smiling something interesting at the tag battle tournament.
Rocketshipping Stamp by MandiR
♡ RocketShipping :: Man, it's blindingly obvious than James and Jessie are in love together. BD
HoennShipping Stamp by Pure-Resonance
♡ HoennShipping :: Because of the famous "[...] I wish you were there, May..." from Brendan. :heart:
specialshipping stamp by Monkeychild123
♡ SpecialShipping :: but I'm not a big fan. LuckyShipping has little evidence but nothing more. I think. 'cause I didn't read these arcs from the beginning.
X-ChosenShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3siste
♡ ChoosenShipping :: Indeed they look like "sibling" friends childhood, but it's obvious that Silver likes Blue and reciprocally (there are blushes)... even if Blue has like a "wavering moment" with Green.
X-CommonerShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3sistecommonershipping stamp by Monkeychild123
♡ CommonerShipping :: Obvious that Dia loves Platina, but "she's out of love interest". Even if, I noticed some evidence... :D And NO IT'S NOT THE SAME AS FORTUNESHIPPING ! Dia is Dia, Louka is Louka, Platina is Platina and Dawn is Dawn !!
agencyshipping stamp by Monkeychild123
♡ AgencyShipping :: You know White and Black are in love too ! Because of the b-l-u-s-h-e-s ! :D :star:

:star: Shippings I like without "real" evidence :
♡ ResistanceShipping (Morty & Whitney) and LunarEclipseShipping (Darkrai & Cresselia) are cute pairings.
♡ HandyManShipping :: Yes, Tracey & Daisy, because of too much kindness and physical contact... è.é
♡ MizuhikiShipping :: I know Cyrus & Cynthia is a creepy couple but some evidence in the anime, game and manga make me wonder some things... è_é :star:

:star: Shippings I formally banish :
- AdvanceShipping :: Except maybe at the beginning of AG... I've never seen May showing any love interest to Ash, and him, he doesn't know anymore what "love" is since the departure of Misty. :| He's even not jealous of Drew ! Be realistic, Ash and May are just good friends, Ash is kind of big brother for her. Nothing more.
- PearlShipping :: This makes me laugh. ='D Dawn blushes to Kenny, Barry, Piplup, Paul, even to Zoey, May and nothing and NEVER to Ash. How can she love him ? Even in 10th movie Dawn "holding" Ash's hand. It's hardly visible and if she touches him --". Just saying: she also grabs Conway, Barry and Brock. BIG LOL. She is AntiPearlShipper herself, she even said it to Lyra. Ash is still ""Love" ? What's that ?", he's not jealous of Kenny, ... AND SO ON ! Too many proofs against that pairing... High five ? That's just complicity. Noooo but be realistic, Ash and Dawn are just accomplices. Nothing more.
- NegaiShipping :: Of course, you're in love with somebody you constantly belittle, that's very logic ! Except at the very beginning of BW from Iris' side I've never seen any love trace between Ash and Iris.

:star: For more informations see (ask for translation) ! :star:


:rose: Couples I like in other mangas/cartoons :rose:
SasuSaku Original vs. Road to Ninja Stamp by LightLavendarCrystalStamp 2 by BuraGohan and Videl animated stamp by hanakt
Sakura and Shaoran stamp 2 by Numbuh9Kilari stamp by sara by Sara-SakurahimeBo-bobo: Gasser and Beauty by TickleMeFrosty
KishIchi stamp by SA948-StampsIchiRuki Stamp by jta4
Shadouge Stamp by yenkeTailsmo Stamp by migueruchanKnuxSu Fan Stamp by Sophiecinders14
DxS Kiss Stamp-phantom105 by WeLoveDPJENNY x BRAD Club by shadow2007x
Tasuke & Shaorin (Mamotte Shugogetten)
Pierre & Chocola (Sugar Sugar Rune)
Ginta & Snow (MÄR)
Kanata & Miyu (Daa Daa Daa UFO Baby)
Keitaro & Naru (Love Hina)
Jordan & Molly (Eva) (Oban Star Racer)
Eizan & Okuni (Shuriken School)
Cheng & Hua (Shaolin Wuzang)
Kuzco & Malina (The emperor's new groove)
Tristan & Lou (Lou !)

:rose: Couples I like in video games :rose:
Link x Zelda Stamp OTP by Reylfstamp- Plumbers need love by KathisofyDaisy x Luigi by RaneeseYoshi and birdo by koshechkazlatovlaskaDidDix Stamp by ArtizluvKaito Miku stamp by LadyOgien
Miko & Lulu (The legend of Zelda)
Rayman & Ly (Rayman)

ай CSS JMTH/poserfan
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<<I'm Link and I approve this message !>> :iconhappylinkplz:

:pokeball: Also known as PokémonShipping (on skyrock), I am a professional shipping analyst (according to what some said). =P

I'm French, ^^ I speak English (very good) as well don't worry, x) I love Pokémon, shippings in particular, but mostly the true shippings !

Best FortuneShipper ever, no one can beat me ! :heart:

:iconlovelyheartsplz: Awesome artists and good friends :iconchuuplz:

:iconchikorita85: :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono: :iconkurumierika: :iconhanasakitsubomi: :iconmiyatoriaka: :iconkawaiiharukachan: :iconshaami: :iconstarrockie: :iconminacookie: :iconsara-sakurahime:

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